With Stenheim, rediscover the sense – and sensation – of hearing

Hear the music vibrate and shine as it reveals the musician’s sensitivity and emotion along with the beauty of the composition. 

At last, listening is infused with a concert atmosphere, the audience’s energy and enthusiasm. Forget technology – simply experience music.

Made in Switzerland, our speakers combine unparalleled expertise and years of research to bring you exceptional sound.

Some manufacturers focus on the sensory, others on technology. Our approach merges the two, because we understand the relationship between real physical constraints and their impact on the subjective quality of listening. Ignoring the trendy, our products are built to last. This is why we’ve chosen simple elegance and neutral, rich and clear tones, highlighting the beauty of the music and nothing else.

Our univers

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Here, you’ll rediscover the experience of hearing as it’s meant to be, as you listen to your favorite music

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