Stenheim offers a revolutionary multichannel system in collaboration with Illusonic

Total sound immersion from any stereo or multichannel source is made possible thanks to three or more Alumine Two and two Alumine 3 Way bolstered by our partner Illusonic’s multichannel processor.

The Illusonic processor analyzes source signals so that all information within both the original signal and those relating to the ambient sound are separated and carefully balanced over each of the Stenheim system’s channel, thus creating a remarkable sound environment – be this for
music, movies, video games or a Youtube concert. This unforgettable experience is equally due to the Stenheim speakers’ incredible qualities.

The processor also allows for the system to be set according to the speaker positions, enabling excellent sound rendition–even if the speakers are not perfectly positioned. 

What’s more, the central speaker considerably expands the best listening area (sweet spot) – something all your family and friends will love, as they will be able to share this exceptional audiovisual experience with you.


Technical Specifications

Illusonic Immersive Audio Processor

  • Audiophile 16-channel preamp-processor-DAC
  • Analogue, digital, and high-definition (HDMI) inputs

Its 16 output channels can be configured for almost any loudspeaker setup (2 to 16 channels, subwoofer, 168 possibilities).

Alumine Movie

  • Three or more Alumine Two speakers
  • Two  Alumine 3 Way speakers
  • Three or more Alumine Two stands
  • Seven or more separate amplification channels, dedicated to each Alumine Two or 3 Way             
  • One illusonic immersive audio processor