Alumine FIVE : LISTENING by Art Dudley


Stereophile, March 2018

" The Alumine Five sets itself apart by offering traditional high-end audio strengths, very wide bandwidth, excellent spatial performance, and freedom from gross colorations, with the drivability and consequent good levels of touch, force, and musical momentum that are seldom associated with loudspeakers of contemporary design and manufacture. "

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ALUMINE TWO : "First Sounds" reviewed by Roy Gregory

" If you need a compact speaker that allows your music to breathe, that’s big on expression, big on intimacy and communication but isn’t phased by big or loud, then the Alumine 2 could be just what you’re looking for. Other brands might make more noise about (and with) their aluminium boxes, but for me, right now it’s the Stenheims that are the ones delivering the musical goods. "

by Roy Gregory, March 1, 2017



ALUMINE FIVE: Best of show contender

by Jonathan Valin, May 17th 2016, "The Absolute Sound"

"Stenheim showed its €50k Alumine Five four-driver three-way with Audio Consulting turntable, preamp, phono amp, and amp, Nagra digital, and Brandt cable from Geneva. This was quite a remarkable setup as I heard things through it that I hadn't heard as clearly on anything else, such as Paul's fingering of Sebastian (his twelve-string casket-style guitar) on my PP&M LP. A Best of Show contender, for sure."

STENHEIM was proud to launch his new loudspeaker Alumine FIVE, little brother to the world acclaimed REFERENCE ULTIME.

Made exclusively in Switzerland, our new full aluminum floor standing Alumine FIVE speaker combines unparalleled expertise and years of research to bring you exceptional sound and musical immersion. Technical developments have been inspired by our REFERENCE line (same midrange driver and tweeter) and extreme high efficiency allows pairing with the finest quality low powered amplifiers.


STENHEIM joins Jean-Claude Gaberel in La Chaux de Fonds


STENHEIM joins Jean-Claude Gaberel in La Chaux de Fonds

Jean Claude Gaberel is one of the most reputed sound engineers in Switzerland. He won both a César and a Golden Globe in 1995 for his ground-breaking work on the film Farinelli where the sound of the famous castrato was recreated by mixing together the voices of both a female and a male vocalist. He has nonetheless always shunned the limelight and quietly goes about his business of trying to achieve audio perfection in his recordings.

Gaberel is a prestigious partner for Stenheim and has collaborated on the Stenheim sessions, recordings of breaking artists that are sponsored by the loudspeaker brand. These have taken place in the auditorium that he built with Lionel Monnet the pianist, especially to provide an intimate sound where soloists or small groups of musicians can be heard to their best advantage.

Recently, Gaberel provided a retrospective of his work in the newly refurbished Salle de Musique at La Chaux de Fonds in the canton of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. It is a venue that has featured in over a hundred of his one thousand-odd recordings. Now with improved acoustics, where high notes in particular are more closely defined, the reopened concert hall is being celebrated in the year of its 60th anniversary.

Exceptional recordings in an exceptional location also demanded exceptional equipment to do them justice. Stenheim was proud that prototypes of its forthcoming Five speakers were chosen for this task. If audience reaction was anything to go by, these loudspeakers will prove to be yet another notable step in the journey towards total musical fidelity. They were hooked up to two of the Swiss high-end manufacturer Nagra’s new Classic Amps, one for each speaker. These power amps are typical of Nagra’s extreme attention to detail and ensured that the Stenheim Fives could give of their very best. A truly musical set-up for some of the world’s best recorded music.


Look Jean-Claude Gaberel at the Swiss tevevision



Audio Show in Portugal


Audio Show in Portugal

Stenheim was present at the Audio Show in Portugal, from 26 to 28th of February

Superb system displayed in the beautiful Pestana Palace in Lisbon, with a pair of REFERENCE ULTIME, powered by CH Precision preamp, power amp and phono stage, together with the best DAC from MSB and the big turntable of Rui Borges, everything cabled with Synergistic Research.

Incredible sound, thanks to Miguel and the staff of Ultimate audio who did the setup in one of the biggest room.

The press said : Best sound of the show, from far !



Stenheim meets with Cecilia Bartoli and Léonard Gianadda

Léonard Gianadda, who established the Pierre Gianadda Foundation in Martigny and is known for his dedicated support of the arts, celebrated his 80th birthday this year. To mark this occasion, an exhibition in his honor, titled “Léonard Gianadda, 80 years of stories to share”, took place in the Vieil Arsenal on the Foundation grounds. 

 Léonard Gianadda, Cecilia Bartoli and Jean-Pascal Panchard

Léonard Gianadda, Cecilia Bartoli and Jean-Pascal Panchard

As a regular supporter of events related to music, Stenheim contributed to this celebration by providing two Alumine speakers, giving visitors an exceptional listening experience. A repertoire of classical pieces was specially selected by Léonard Gianadda and played on these speakers in a dedicated room at the heart of the exhibition.

On September 2nd this year, this room was also the site of rare encounter with Cecilia Bartoli, the most celebrated cantatrice of our time. Ms. Bartoli, who has sold more than 10 million records around the world, came to the museum to meet with two great music lovers, Mr. Léonard Gianadda and Mr. Jean-Pascal Panchard, CEO of Stenheim – a meeting rich with friendship and a shared passion.

Viel Arsenal





STENHEIM is set to create waves in the world of high-end audio with its new top of the range loudspeakers.

This speaker system was created in pure and well-studied lines to create not only a superb look, but unparalleled sound rendition, based on the concept behind the already well-reputed Reference. It will enthral future owners with its exceptional dynamics and musicality, its three-dimensional space and vibrantly alive, natural soundstage.

Come, visit us and discover our Reference Statement at the High End 2015 - Munchen - MOC, Hall 2 – Stand M11/N08 



STENHEIM to show during CES 2015

After having demonstrated its top of the range REFERENCE speakers to enthusiastic hi-fi aficionados in shows in Hong Kong, Norway and Germany during 2014, it is now the turn of American audiophiles to hear these astonishing loudspeakers.

STENHEIM is to present these products at The Venetian in Las Vegas during the CES show from January 6th to January 9th 2015, Suite 35-310.

They will be sharing the room with Manufacture Le Son, Zensati, Spiral Groove and Qualia.


Combining carefully-designed and pure lines, the REFERENCE speakers have been crafted with the simple and singular objective: to push the boundaries of sound reproduction to the utmost. They are exceptionally musical speakers, creating a superbly natural, three-dimensional sound stage. Their dynamic performance makes them suitable for all forms of music, able to recreate the deepest bass and the highest treble notes. The REFERENCE is also distinct in its exceptional ease-of-use, thanks to remote operation of the MTM couple (medium tweeter) diffusion angle. 

The REFERENCE line currently represents the pinnacle of STENHEIM’s savoir-faire in terms of speaker technology. They are bound to garner an enthusiastic reception in Las Vegas.



Stenheim inaugurates its first listening room and launches the REFERENCE speakers

Stenheim has opened its first listening room at its headquarters in Vétroz in the Rhône Valley, not far from Montreux, renowned internationally for its music festival.

Situated in the middle of a vineyard with views over the Alps, the room aims to immerse the listener in a sound experience which matches the visual experience of the location. The auditorium is dedicated to bringing music alive in all its richness and diversity with the accent firmly laid on the sensual pleasure of concert-comparable listening conditions rather than technology.



December 12th 2014 - 2pm to 8pm

December 13th 2014 - 10am to 5pm



Stenheim Listening Room - Ch. des Gorges 6 - 1963 Vétroz - Valais - Switzerland



The absolute sound speak about us!

Stenheim Alumine
Tethered to a pair of Nagra VPA 845 power amplifiers the Stenheim Alumine monitors ($15,975) in the AudioArts room on the fifth floor proved to be a welcome respite from the many rooms containing speakers that were far too large for their surroundings. With their all-aluminum 10-to-15mm thick cabinets and “bespoke craftsmanship” that features no exposed fasteners or screws, the Alumine speakers have a beautifully understated presence. Their 93dB sensitivity makes them easy to drive with even low-powered amplifiers. The Nagra VPA 845 wasn’t even breaking a sweat while supplying enough juice for realistic volume levels. I was especially impressed by the Alumine’s superb microdynamics combined with their precise imaging. For city dwellers with small listening spaces the Alumines could be an ideal solution. With over 30 anodized colors, as well as custom surfaces, the Alumine will fit into almost any living room with aplomb.

The absolute sound - Steven Stone - Oct 18th, 2014 



Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver

After spending much of the summer in Asia, Stenheim returns to the USA in October to be present at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver from the 10th to the 12th.

They will be at the Marriot Hotel in room 570 where they will be demonstrating their Alumine loudspeakers, hooked up to a NAGRA system which will include their new HD DAC.

The 11th Annual Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) is the largest consumer audio and home entertainment show in the United States. In the Stenheim room visitors will be able to hear the remarkable performance of the 2-way Alumine monitors paired with the matching 3rd way bass section for added musical gravitas.





Since obtaining distribution agreements for its high quality loudspeakers in the Asian market, STENHEIM has been spending a busy summer introducing them to retailers, specialist journalists and passionate audiophiles.

July saw the company in Korea where the local distributer, Design & Audio, organised a packed event which allowed the lucky guests to experience the sleek ALUMINE 3-way speakers. It was then the turn of Qualia Japan to organise a similar event on the 18th of July for the Japanese market. Finally, from the 8th to the 10th of August, STENHEIM were at the Hong Kong AV show demonstrating their superlative REFERENCE speakers on the Forthwise stand who are looking after distribution for the Chinese market.

  Design & Audio team in Korea

Design & Audio team in Korea

  Qualia Japan event on the 18th of July for the Japanese market

Qualia Japan event on the 18th of July for the Japanese market

For the Korean and Hong Kong events, the speakers were shown off in conjunction with hi-fi elements from CH Precision; in Japan they were hooked up to a Manufacture Le Son system showing that Switzerland is truly at the cutting edge of high-end audio technology.

The reception given to STENHEIM’s ALUMINE and REFERENCE speakers was hugely favourable, eliciting many positive comments from attendees as to their ability to handle music from widely varying genres including jazz and some extremely demanding classical music with vibrant and natural-sounding dynamics. Their beautiful design and finish did not go unnoticed either.

Overall, the events were a resounding success and it seems that STENHEIM’s classy loudspeakers are set for a most promising future in the Asian market.

  Hong Kong AV Show demonstrating their superlative REFERENCE

Hong Kong AV Show demonstrating their superlative REFERENCE

QUALIA  JAPAN                 DESIGN & AUDIO  KOREA                 FORTHWISE  CHINA




HIGH END 2014: invitation World Premiere

Stenheim has the pleasure of inviting you to discover the REFERENCE at the world premiere of its launch at High End 2014 in Munich.

This speaker was created in pure and well-studied lines to create not only a superb look, but unparalleled sound rendi- tion, based on the concept behind the already well-reputed Alumine. It will enthrall future owners with its exceptional musicality, its three-dimensional space, and vibrantly alive, natural soundstage.

Then there’s its flawless rendering of any genre of music, along with impressive sound levels from the deepest bass to the highest notes. The Reference is also distinct in its exceptional ease-of-use, thanks to remote operation of the MTM couple (medium tweeter) diffusion angle.

Steinheim will take the world of passionate audiophiles by storm, with its new state-of-the art speaker.


 The new REFERENCE range   

The new REFERENCE range



Friday 16th May 2014 - 6:30 pm - Hotel Kempinski Vier Jahreszeiten - Maximilianstraße 17 - Munich - Marstall III room

  • World Premiere presentation of the new REFERENCE

  • Presentation of the Stenheim Acoustic Session

  • Listening session

  • Drinks

Contact: Jean-Pascal Panchard - CEO -



CES 2014: distribution extended in Asia

The presence of Stenheim at the recent CES show in Las Vegas was a great success!

A new distributor has been found for Japan. Qualia Japan will be a fantastic ambassador for the brand in the Land of the Rising Sun.

News of the new Reference speaker generated great excitement and the presentation of the latest versions of the 2-way and 3-way Alumine speakers was met with enthusiasm.

Hooked up to hi-fi elements from the Manufacture Le Son, our handsome acoustic speakers impressed with their innate musicality and liveliness.


 Mrs et Mr Fujii of Qualia  -  Mr Panchard of Stenheim

Mrs et Mr Fujii of Qualia  -  Mr Panchard of Stenheim



CES 2014: stunning new products

Building on the strength of its successful 2 Way and 3 Way alumine speakers, Stenheim is preparing to surprise the world’s most passionate audiophiles at the 2014 CES International from January 7th to 10th 2014 in Las Vegas, USA.

Stenheim will present the very latest in the alumine line, including a new frontplate for the alumine 2-way, solid aluminum for the intermediary base and ground support, and a 5.2 multichannel system built in collaboration with Illusonic, the developer of the famous immersive audio processor. 

The event will also provide the occasion for Stenheim to offer a sneak peek of its upcoming new line of speakers, called Reference, before the live, detailed presentation at the next Munich High End show. With distinguishing qualities like exceptional musicality, three-dimensional space and infinite adaptability to the listening environment (to name just a few), Reference is destined to push the limits of sound reproduction even further.

Find all the details on these innovations on our website or by visiting us at the 2014 CES, at our stand in the Venetian, Suite 31-211.

Stenheim will also be present at The Show, Redrock 1

Fidelis will present its reference Audioarts lines including the new high efficiency Stenheim Alumine MK2, electronics from CH Precision, Robert Koda, Metronome and Holborne Swiss Analog.

Press Kit >



C Net review: Elegant high-end speakers from Switzerland

The Audiophiliac drops by the Audioarts showroom for an audition of these stunning speakers.

I occasionally check in with local high-end audio dealers to see what's new, and they're never at a loss to demonstrate something to catch my ear. Th listening rooms at Adioart have been refreshed since my last visit, and the store is now the best appointed shop in town. Audioarts doesn't cover entry-level or midrange gear, but there are plenty of other shops covering that market here in New York City.

More here >



New impetus for the swiss loudspeaker maker Stenheim

HIGH END trade show, Munich,  9th May 2013

Founded in 2010, Stenheim   immediately found its place amongst the leaders of the Swiss hi-fi industry. This came   as no surprise as the company’s creators, a team of five young engineers, had worked together for several years at one of the world’s most renowned loudspeaker makers, the famous Goldmund company, before setting out on their own.  Wishing to strengthen the commercial capabilities at the head of their company, they went looking for someone who could take it over and give their promising start-up a new impetus.

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Back to 2010-2012

Avril 2012

Stenheim received the Class A recommendation from Stereophile

The review >


Juin 2011

The French magazine Haute-Fidélité reviewed the Alumine Bookshelf speaker

French review (Full) >    English review (text only) >


Exhibition 2013

October 11th - 13th

Salon Sons et Sens, Hotel Swiss Majestic
Montreux, Switzerland. 
with Nagra and Manufacture Le Son


May 9th - 10th

High End 2013, Munich
Munich, Germany
Hotel "Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski", Room Hofgarten II


Exhibition 2011

November 4st - 6th

Salon Sons et Sens
Château d'Aigle, Switzerland.


October 21st - 23th

High End Swiss 2011, Zürich-Regensdorf
Mövenpick Hotel, CH 
Room 347, Convention Center 3rd. Floor


May 19th - 22nd

High End 2011, M,O,C, Munich
Munich, Germany
Room F216, Atrium 4 - 2.0G


Exhibition 2010

November 26th, 27th & 28th

Les Artisans du Son
44 Rue de l'Arsenal, 68100 Mulhouse, France.


November 19th & 20th

Salon Sons et Sens
Château d'Aigle, Switzerland.

Info: pascale(at)


30th of October to the 1st of November

Monaco's first high end audiophile show will see
Stenheim present the Alumine speaker.


16th to the 17th of October

Salon Haute-Fidélité et Accessoire
Hôtel Marriott, Paris rive gauche


9th to the 10th of October

Salon HIFi et home cinéma
Hôtel Pullman, Paris rive gauche


3th to the 7th of September

Salon Maison et Objets
Paris Nord Villepinte