For those requiring true full-range presentation, Stenheim offers the fastest, tightest and most tuneful all-aluminum bass module ever created

Designed to support the Alumine 2 Way and matching in aesthetic, the combination yields exceptional coherence and musical gravitas.

The proprietary woofers were designed following a lengthy development phase, with no expenses spared to create an enveloping and emotionally engaging live experience. Stenheim full range is a bold elevation of Swiss engineering and design, offering a genuine return to real high-end performance and enduring pride of ownership.

Technical specifications

  • Passive low bass loudspeaker with Double Port Bass Reflex Design

  • Frequency response : 30Hz - 30 kHz

  • Power handling : 150W IEC, 300W peak

  • Recommended amplifier : from 20W to 300W per channel

  • Sensitity : 93dB SPL/2.83V/1m (full system measured in a semi-reverberant room)

  • Nominal impedance : 8 Ohms

  • Lowest impedance : 3.5 Ohms

  • Dimensions : H 1115mm x W 230mm x D 365mm

  • Total system weight : 74kg / each

  • Woofer: One customized 20.3 cm, Polypropylene cone

  • Medium-bass: One 16.51 cm (6.5in) High-strength cellulose fiber cone impregnated and coated on both sides with damped resins

  • Tweeter : One 2.54cm (1in) Fabric dome, loaded by a small horn machined in the 15 mm aluminium front plate

  • Polypropylene capacitors, Metal film resistors, Air core inductors

  • Special finitions on demand : 30 different anodised colours, polished aluminium, customised surface, 18 carat gold PVD, pure diamond powder, Fall’art concept, etc..

  • Warranty : 5 years