The exceptional quality of STENHEIM in a compact format

With the ALUMINE THREE, STENHEIM has distilled the exceptional quality of its world-renowned know-how into a compact housing, creating an even more accessible music experience for audiophiles and music lovers. Made in Switzerland, the new ALUMINE THREE speaker is the product of many years of research and unparalleled knowledge of audiophile technology.

The ALUMINE THREE adopts cutting-edge technology specifically for the benefit of musicians and music. It plunges you into the heart of music as if you’re listening to it live. Listen to the notes vibrate, detect every nuance of the voice, touch or bow movement and feel all of the musician’s feeling and emotion.

The ALUMINE THREE has been designed for you to bring music to life.

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“when I listen attentively , I find that the analytical power of ALUMINE THREE is absolutely superior among the speakers of the same price, because not only the change of music, but also the sound of the pianist's breathing, and the ultra-thin sounds that are triggered when the keys of the piano move have all manifested themselves.”

Audiotechnique Magazine

Honk-Kong 2019