ALUMINE FIVE : Best of show contender

by Jonathan Valin, May 17th 2016, "The Absolute Sound"

"Stenheim showed its €50k Alumine Five four-driver three-way with Audio Consulting turntable, preamp, phono amp, and amp, Nagra digital, and Brandt cable from Geneva. This was quite a remarkable setup as I heard things through it that I hadn't heard as clearly on anything else, such as Paul's fingering of Sebastian (his twelve-string casket-style guitar) on my PP&M LP. A Best of Show contender, for sure."

STENHEIM was proud to launch his new loudspeaker Alumine FIVE, little brother to the world acclaimed REFERENCE ULTIME.

Made exclusively in Switzerland, our new full aluminum floor standing Alumine FIVE speaker combines unparalleled expertise and years of research to bring you exceptional sound and musical immersion. Technical developments have been inspired by our REFERENCE line (same midrange driver and tweeter) and extreme high efficiency allows pairing with the finest quality low powered amplifiers.

Contact: Jean-Pascal Panchard - CEO - -