Building on the strength of its successful 2 Way and 3 Way alumine speakers, Stenheim is preparing to surprise the world’s most passionate audiophiles at the 2014 CES International from January 7th to 10th 2014 in Las Vegas, USA.

Stenheim will present the very latest in the alumine line, including a new frontplate for the alumine 2-way, solid aluminum for the intermediary base and ground support, and a 5.2 multichannel system built in collaboration with Illusonic, the developer of the famous immersive audio processor. 

The event will also provide the occasion for Stenheim to offer a sneak peek of its upcoming new line of speakers, called Reference, before the live, detailed presentation at the next Munich High End show. With distinguishing qualities like exceptional musicality, three-dimensional space and infinite adaptability to the listening environment (to name just a few), Reference is destined to push the limits of sound reproduction even further.

Find all the details on these innovations on our website or by visiting us at the 2014 CES, at our stand in the Venetian, Suite 31-211.

Stenheim will also be present at The Show, Redrock 1

Fidelis will present its reference Audioarts lines including the new high efficiency Stenheim Alumine MK2, electronics from CH Precision, Robert Koda, Metronome and Holborne Swiss Analog.

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