Stenheim Alumine
Tethered to a pair of Nagra VPA 845 power amplifiers the Stenheim Alumine monitors ($15,975) in the AudioArts room on the fifth floor proved to be a welcome respite from the many rooms containing speakers that were far too large for their surroundings. With their all-aluminum 10-to-15mm thick cabinets and “bespoke craftsmanship” that features no exposed fasteners or screws, the Alumine speakers have a beautifully understated presence. Their 93dB sensitivity makes them easy to drive with even low-powered amplifiers. The Nagra VPA 845 wasn’t even breaking a sweat while supplying enough juice for realistic volume levels. I was especially impressed by the Alumine’s superb microdynamics combined with their precise imaging. For city dwellers with small listening spaces the Alumines could be an ideal solution. With over 30 anodized colors, as well as custom surfaces, the Alumine will fit into almost any living room with aplomb.

The absolute sound - Steven Stone - Oct 18th, 2014