C Net review: Elegant high-end speakers from Switzerland

The Audiophiliac drops by the Audioarts showroom for an audition of these stunning speakers.

I occasionally check in with local high-end audio dealers to see what's new, and they're never at a loss to demonstrate something to catch my ear. Th listening rooms at Adioart have been refreshed since my last visit, and the store is now the best appointed shop in town. Audioarts doesn't cover entry-level or midrange gear, but there are plenty of other shops covering that market here in New York City.

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New impetus for the swiss loudspeaker maker Stenheim

HIGH END trade show, Munich,  9th May 2013

Founded in 2010, Stenheim   immediately found its place amongst the leaders of the Swiss hi-fi industry. This came   as no surprise as the company’s creators, a team of five young engineers, had worked together for several years at one of the world’s most renowned loudspeaker makers, the famous Goldmund company, before setting out on their own.  Wishing to strengthen the commercial capabilities at the head of their company, they went looking for someone who could take it over and give their promising start-up a new impetus.

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Avril 2012

Stenheim received the Class A recommendation from Stereophile

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Juin 2011

The French magazine Haute-Fidélité reviewed the Alumine Bookshelf speaker

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Exhibition 2013

October 11th - 13th

Salon Sons et Sens, Hotel Swiss Majestic
Montreux, Switzerland. 
with Nagra and Manufacture Le Son


May 9th - 10th

High End 2013, Munich
Munich, Germany
Hotel "Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski", Room Hofgarten II


Exhibition 2011

November 4st - 6th

Salon Sons et Sens
Château d'Aigle, Switzerland.


October 21st - 23th

High End Swiss 2011, Zürich-Regensdorf
Mövenpick Hotel, CH 
Room 347, Convention Center 3rd. Floor


May 19th - 22nd

High End 2011, M,O,C, Munich
Munich, Germany
Room F216, Atrium 4 - 2.0G


Exhibition 2010

November 26th, 27th & 28th

Les Artisans du Son
44 Rue de l'Arsenal, 68100 Mulhouse, France.


November 19th & 20th

Salon Sons et Sens
Château d'Aigle, Switzerland.

Info: pascale(at)


30th of October to the 1st of November

Monaco's first high end audiophile show will see
Stenheim present the Alumine speaker.


16th to the 17th of October

Salon Haute-Fidélité et Accessoire
Hôtel Marriott, Paris rive gauche


9th to the 10th of October

Salon HIFi et home cinéma
Hôtel Pullman, Paris rive gauche


3th to the 7th of September

Salon Maison et Objets
Paris Nord Villepinte