Fanny Leeb has been chosen to open the first “Stenheim Acoustic Session”

Fanny Leeb, the artist and songwriter who came to prominence during the 2013 season of de The Voice France broadcast by TF1, has been chosen to open the first “Stenheim Acoustic Session”. This has enabled her to record a debut EP, accompanied by three musicians led by the guitarist and songwriter Keni Arifi. The recording sessions took place at the pianist Lionel Monney’s Espace Consonance in Switzerland. They were produced by the globally renowned sound engineer Jean-Claude Gaberel.



  • Performed by Fanny Leeb

  • Written by Fanny Leeb & Keni Arifi

  • Vocals Fanny Leeb

  • Piano Florian Favre

  • Guitar Keni Arifi

  • Cajón Laurent Biollay


  • Performed by Fanny Leeb & Tom Leeb

  • Written by Fanny Leeb

  • Vocals Fanny Leeb

  • Piano Florian Favre


  • Engineered and co-production by Jean-Claude Gaberel - Image & Son

  • Recorded at L’Espace Consonance, Saxon, Suisse

  • Produced by Jean-Pascal Panchard & Bernard Pache

  • Filmed and edited by Alain Wirth - Planfilms

  • Acoustic Session Photos François Panchard - Arolle Production

  • Cover Photo Léa Dominguez

  • Thanks to Lionel Monnet

  • P 2014 - Stenheim

  • C 2014 - Fanny Leeb


  • Principal microphones: 2x Neumann M 50 (valve)

  • Vocal microphone: Neumann M 49 (valve)

  • Piano microphones: 2x Violet/Gaberel

  • Guitar microphone: Violet/Gaberel

  • Percussion microphone: SE T2

  • Vocal microphone valve preamplifier: Gaberel

  • Preamplifiers/DACs: Horus by Merging Technologies 24bit/192KHz

  • Recording desk: Pyramix Virtual Studio by Merging Technologies 24bit/192KHz

  • DACs, Headphone and line preamplifiers: Grace Design M905 24bit192KHz

  • Headphones: Fostex TH 900 – Grado PS 1000

  • Cables: Cardas, HI-FI Câble et compagnie, Van den Hul, Silversonic

  • Amplifier: NAGRA PSA

  • Acoustic loudspeakers: Stenheim Alumine 2 Way