Audiotechnique, HK, July 2019 // Patrick Lee

“(…) when I listen attentively , I find that the analytical power of ALUMINE THREE is absolutely superior among the speakers of the same price, because not only the change of music, but also the sound of the pianist's breathing, and the ultra-thin sounds that are triggered when the keys of the piano move have all manifested themselves.”

Read article in Cantonese


The Absolute Sound, US, April 2019 // Jonathan Valin

“The Alumine Five may have reduced image height some and was a bit bottom-up in balance, but it showed none of the flashes of brightness or of megaphoning that I heard so often with other displays. Simply an excellent balance of all criteria, and excellent sound.”

The audio beatnik, US, April 2019 // Jack

“I could have stayed in this room for hours, which wasn’t possible at a show, especially one the size of AXPONA. Maybe I should say that I could have listened to this system for hours as it produced no listener fatigue. While the Alumine Three is a modern speaker design in every way, it also has the relaxing sound of many vintage speakers with rich tonal colors, beautiful vocals and well-controlled bass.”

REFERENCE ULTIME : Equipment review

The Audio Beat, US, August 2018 // Roy Gregory

"The Stenheim Reference Ultime has leap-frogged a host of well-established competitors to jostle for position right at the head of my To Be Taken Seriously list. Competitors and customers alike should take it equally seriously. It is quite capable of shocking, surprising, beguiling or just plain seducing . . ."

Review Stenheim Alumine Two

Alpha Audio, NL, April 2018 // Jaap Veenstra

“The real magic of this speaker is in the focusing, layering and vocal presentation. We can say that this monitor excels perfectly in those areas. Voices are unprecedentedly realistic and stable between the speakers and possess a frightening realism.”

Fidelity visits STENHEIM factory

Fidelity International, D, March 2018 // Cai Brockmann


"Darum in die Ferne schweifen !”

alumine five : listening by art dudley

Stereophile, US,  March 2018 // Art Dudley

" The Alumine Five sets itself apart by offering traditional high-end audio strengths, very wide bandwidth, excellent spatial performance, and freedom from gross colorations, with the drivability and consequent good levels of touch, force, and musical momentum that are seldom associated with loudspeakers of contemporary design and manufacture. "


alumine five : test

Hifi Statement, Germany, 18.12.2017 // Dirk Sommer

" Die Alumine Five gibt sich wie erwartet ausgesprochen detailverliebt und profiliert sich als akkurater Full-Range-Monitor, auf den ich mich bei der Bearbeitung von Aufnahmen gern verlassen habe. Mit ihrer packenden Dynamik, der mitreißenden Spielfreude und dem bestens konturierten, satten und ungemein lebendigen Tieftonbereich hat sie mich erst überrascht und dann begeistert. Bei Stenheim seht der Spaß am Musikhören an erster Stelle! "


visiting stenheim loudspeakers

The Audio Beat, US, April 2017 // Roy Gregory

" On first listen it looks like the Stenheim Alumine Five might just be that holy grail of loudspeaker design: a speaker that is genuinely neutral and revealing of musical purpose, using its resolution and transparency to cut to the heart of the intent behind the performance rather than the quality and nature of the recording that captured it. With enough bandwidth to deliver scale and impact, yet agile enough to respond to the most delicate musical input, the Five promises to be -- just like the perfect middleweight -- one of the best pound-for-pound musical transducers I’ve heard.

As a friend of mine is fond of saying, "Something happened. Something happened and we were lucky enough that somebody captured it." If you are lucky, your system will tell you what it was that happened. Listening to the Alumine Fives leaves no doubt that something definitely happened. With a pair promised for review at the end of the year, I can hardly wait. "


alumine five : cover feature

Audiotechnique, Hong Kong, July 2017 // Lee 388

(Google english translation of chinese text)

" After I had set a good position for it, and after several weeks of comprehensive testing, hey, it did not fail to live up to the brand's reputation. It was absolutely brilliant and the results were excellent. Alumine FIVE is the most amazing In addition to its common dry, cold, and hard sound characteristics, which is based on the use of a sound box built entirely of aluminum alloy and without a half-dot metal box speaker, its 1 magnetic soft film tweeter is from the Danish factory Scan-Speak special custom product, but under the overall play, the high frequency of that kind of transparent, calm, delicate, crystal clear and flowing feeling actually made me feel like listening to a diamond tweeter. The design skills of the party's development team are unfathomable! Under the background of extraordinary treble, Alumine FIVE's mid-range area produces an exquisite charm. It has both good and wonderful lines, as well as clear lines. The sound density is extremely high. Whether replaying vocals or instrumental music, the unique texture of the sound and the extension of the harmonics have a high level of performance, and there is no deterrence. Therefore, the degree of truth is very good. As for the low-frequency rebroadcast, Alumine FIVE also surprised me. The effect of the replay of the dual 10-inch woofers and the carefully modulated independent sound room is unexpected. It is deep enough, it responds extremely quickly, and it has a sufficient amount of sense. , The replay of drumming music and the flourishing of the music of the big scenes are the most heard of many Hi-End speakers in this magazine! ''


alumine TWO : first sounds

The Audio Beat, UK, March 2017 // Roy Gregory

" If you need a compact speaker that allows your music to breathe, that’s big on expression, big on intimacy and communication but isn’t phased by big or loud, then the Alumine 2 could be just what you’re looking for. Other brands might make more noise about (and with) their aluminium boxes, but for me, right now it’s the Stenheims that are the ones delivering the musical goods. "

by Roy Gregory, March 1, 2017


alumine five : best of show contender

TAS, US, Highend Munich, May 2016 // Jonathan Valin

"Stenheim showed its €50k Alumine Five four-driver three-way with Audio Consulting turntable, preamp, phono amp, and amp, Nagra digital, and Brandt cable from Geneva. This was quite a remarkable setup as I heard things through it that I hadn't heard as clearly on anything else, such as Paul's fingering of Sebastian (his twelve-string casket-style guitar) on my PP&M LP. A Best of Show contender, for sure."


reference statement : private listening

Audiophile Magazine, France , June 2015 // Jean-Marc Villafranca

“ Autant le système fait preuve de tempérance et de rigueur sur le classique autant sur de la musique pop  il devient assez jubilatoire. Le live de Hotel California des Eagles a fait bouger des pieds dans la salle, c’est sur. Cette façon de proposer un son juste en avant des enceintes rapproche l’auditeur de la musique, c’est palpable, vivant et joyeux. Bravo.”


reference statement : high end 2015

Stereophile, US, May 2015 // Jason Victor Serinus

Day 3: High End 2015 Hits Its Stride

'' On Ben Webster Meets Oscar Peterson, I experienced a mildly euphonic and thoroughly enjoyable presentation where highs seemed true and brass had requisite bite. The system sounded absolutely marvelous reproducing trained operatic voices and full orchestra, and nailed huge percussive thwacks like nobody's business. It was just the kind of warm sound that many audiophiles relish, except that it also had the slam and bite of the best systems. Word has it that the channels were inexplicably reversed until the last day of the show, but that didn't stop this set-up from sounding fantastic.''


Alumine two : best performance award

My Hiend, Taiwan, December 2013 // Leo Yeh

Quality and performance rewarded

My-Hiend was rewarded Stenheim Alumine 2 with Way a Best Performance Award. Discover a full report by following this link.

The review >


Alumine two

Stereophile, US, Avril 2012 // Art Dudley

Stenheim received the Class A recommendation from Stereophile


Alumine two

Haute Fidelité, France, Juin 2011 // William Savignac

The French magazine Haute-Fidélité reviewed the Alumine Bookshelf speaker

French review (Full) >