When a musician expresses the full measure of their talent, with no artificial aids, and with the purity inherent in an acoustic performance, the experience is bound to be unforgettable.

Stenheim’s latest creation, the “Stenheim Acoustic Sessions” programme, gives artists the chance to record original tracks in unusual places and in exceptional acoustic conditions. A really distinctive audio feel has been created for the greater delight of all fans of musical experiences.

L'Espace Consonance, Saxon, Suisse

L'Espace Consonance, Saxon, Suisse

Far from traditional studios, all the recordings take place in auditoria which possess exceptional acoustics and which are able to communicate an inspiring and unique atmosphere. The recordings are made in one take, just as in a live performance. The recording, stripped back to the bare essentials, is carried out by a natural process that completely eliminates remixing.

The microphones are of a quite exceptional quality and extremely sensitive.


Once they have been set up, the musicians are free to express themselves totally. After each take, the tracks are listened back to on Stenheim’s Alumine loudspeakers which perfectly reproduce the quality of the performance. The sound engineers participating in the programme are renowned for their technical know-how and their highly developed ear.


Acoustic Sessions photos François Panchard pour Fanny Leeb, Dominique Arcuti pour Lionel Monnet

Cover photo Léa Dominguez pour Fanny Leeb, Patrick Légeret pour Lionel Monnet